Happy International Nurses Day!

To be a nurse you have to be an all-around remarkable person.

I’ve seen our nurses at work in some of the most challenging scenarios imaginable, they leave me in awe. I’m happy that today, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birthday, we take the time to acknowledge and appreciate nurses around the world.  

I asked a few nurses here what being a nurse means to them. Our fabulous photographer Ruben Plomp put these images together. I’m glad I can share a glimpse of what nursing onboard the Africa Mercy looks like with you.

Mercy Ships relies on more than 700 volunteer nurses over the course of each 10-month field service. Without each and every one of them, we couldn’t do what we do. In fact, I think I’ll go down to the hospital right now and high-five as many as I can find.  


20140512-120042.jpg 20140512-120027.jpg 20140512-120050.jpg

Photos by Ruben Plomp


Guaranteed Chills

In case you’ve forgotten, I’m in the Southern HemisphereSo while those of you in America are heading for a winter wonderland, we’re getting ready to have ourselves some summertime. But the really dandy thing about Texas and Africa is that seasons are irrelevant. It’s just hot.

However, some friends of mine in Australia shared the link to a trailer for the documentary they made on Mercy Ships. And guess what? Even while living under a glorious African sun, I got chills. It’s just that good. 

 If you are in Australia, be sure to lookout for The Surgery Ship in December. Also be sure to like The Surgery Ship on Facebook.

Congrats to Madeleine, Paul, Judd, and Eric + all at Media Stockade! We miss you guys.

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