Maybe you are here because you are interested in non-profit work, medicine, or hospital ships.

…or because you are a storyteller.

…or because you love Africa.

Maybe you’re just here because you’re putting off doing that thing you really should be doing. 

Whatever the case, I’m happy to see you. From July 2012 to May 2014, this aquatic life of mine was a wild ride around a remarkable continent with some pretty cool people. I hope the stories you find in these pages can capture the happiness, the resilience of the human spirit, and the power of hope that I have witnessed.  Some of you I know in real life, many of you I have not yet met in person, but if you are just getting started, here are a few favorites:

This is what it’s like to watch a little girl see for the first time.

In Guinea, I learned that being left-handed is a cultural handicap.

This is when I was mobbed by a small but irrepressible herd of small children.

This was the first time my heart broke.

Don’t read this if you are scared of flying.

This is why you shouldn’t always listen to Mark Twain.

This is how I said goodbye to Guinea.

This is from the time I spent 2 weeks losing my mind at sea. 

This is about the time I sailed across the equator.

This is about Aicha. 

This is why I love our crew.

This is my friend Grace, before and after.

This is a happy homecoming.

This is about Guinea Pigs.

This is not about Guinea Pigs.

This was when I went to South Africa and took a lot of photos.


Happy reading!

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Catherine Clarke Murphy

Catherine Clarke Murphy



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