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Catherine Clarke Murphy

Catherine Clarke Murphy in Guinea


Bonjour, I’m Catherine.
I’m a writer, explorer, sailor, photographer, and aspiring francophone. 

From July 2012 to May 2014 I lived in Africa on a hospital ship called the Africa Mercy, during that time I kept this blog. Our floating hospital delivers free medical aid to the coast of West Africa. It is more than 500 ft long, has 6 operating rooms, 78 patient beds – and it is staffed by 350 volunteer doctors and nurses. Until May 2016, the ship will be docked in Tamatave, Madagascar.

I no longer update My Life Aquatic, but I invite you to stick around to read.

In the meantime I still work for Mercy Ships as Director of Digital Marketing in New York City.

Thank you for visiting. I hope these stories can mean something to you, too.

September 2015


 P.S. In case you were wondering…this blog is named after a brilliant Wes Anderson flick, The Life Aquatic. The Life Aquatic is a story about a team of explorers led by Steve Zissou (Bill Murray) that sails the coast of Africa looking for an elusive jaguar shark.

If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out.


P.P.S. While there is certainly some overlap in the content I wrote for Mercy Ships and what I wrote here, this blog is about my personal experience in Africa. The thoughts and opinions shared in the content I post here are mine, and in no way reflect the views of Mercy Ships. 

Catherine Clarke Murphy