hi again. remember me?

my new years resolution was to blog more. oops?

I’m in Texas right now packing for Africa, I go back next week. It’s been wonderful to be here for the holidays, but I can’t wait to get home to Congo. I guess my blogging hiatus is because my life in Texas consists mostly of eating Mexican food and playing with my dog. Maybe not quite as cool as be-bopping around Africa, but still pretty cool. 

Alrighty. I really just came here to say hi and debunk any rumors that I’ve been eaten by a crocodile or something. 

Oh, and if you’re looking for a good read today, hop over to Parcel & Journey’s website – you might see a familiar face. Thanks P&J!

Catherine Clarke Murphy



4 responses

  1. Great article, cuz. Loved reading all about you and finding out your special items. Hope you have a safe trip back to Congo and hope you make it home for Thanksgiving this year. I missed it this past one but plan to be there for sure this year. All the best, with love, Ann


  2. How could I forget! You invited me over for a glass of wine and I said i would bring a bottle of red!

    Have safe travels back to Africa and as always, I look forward to your blog.



  3. It was so good to see you on Christmas Eve. I’m so glad you were home for the holiday and that you are still close to The Marsh’s!!!
    You are living a great adventure, thanks for taking us all with you in your blogs
    Our prayers are with you on your journey.


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