Ch-ch-check it out: Mercy Ships partners with Sevenly for some majorly cool swag

Mercy Ships wants to put your donations to work in our operating rooms in Africa AND we want you to look really dangggg good.

 Hmm. We scratched our heads. How might we achieve these two snazzy goals at once?

 Enter Sevenly.


When you shop at this week, the proceeds will go toward our floating hospital and YOU will be the reason someone on this boat receives their free surgery. Would you like that? ‘Cause we would! And so would the hospital full of patients down the hall from me right now.

 Speaking as someone who gets to see Mercy Ships change lives with her own two eyes, I can assure you that this is a cause worth shopping for. (And would I ever lead you astray with poor fashion advice? Certainly not.) Items include sweet t-shirts, sweatshirts, jewelry, and even a few home goods.

 Sevenly Shirt 2Sevenly Shirt


But wait  – there’s more!

 For every item you buy, I will hug a pediatric patient.

Quite literally, by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ you will be sending hugs and free life-changing surgeries to Africa. AND, if you order in the next 20 minutes, I’ll throw in a high-five and a back scratch the next time you’re in Congo.

 Don’t let this offer to pass you by, folks.


 Sevenly Kids


This campaign is only for this week, so head on over to Sevenly’s website by clicking here. (And forward this on to all of your friends!!!)


 Sevenly Mens


Pretty soon, you will look at yourself in the mirror and think –


“I’m the kind of person who helps create moments like this:




…and man do I look good in this shirt.”


[For the record, this post was not sponsored…although depending on click-thrus, I may find that I have a future in scripting infomercials. I’ll let you know.]


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  1. just need to put it in writing – i love your blog…and i love you!!! you are such a blessing to me and to this ship – and to the world.


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