The Really Neat Thing I’m Going To Brag About Whenever I Can

I am going to the end of the earth, do you know where that is?

Catherine Clarke Murphy; Congo

Tomorrow evening we will sail over the Equator at the very point where it intersects with the Prime Meridian.

In other words, the M/V Africa Mercy will pass through the coordinates (0.0°, 0.0°). If you are a geography major, a sailor, a pirate, have ever served in the Navy, or just know random facts about maritime stuff – then you already know that this is super cool. For this plottable accomplishment, I will even get a nautical title: “Royal Diamond Shellback.” After a ceremony tomorrow night, our entire crew will receive certificates to prove it, which I will promptly Instagram. And in the future, you can expect that I will casually find reasons to take it out of my purse at dinner parties.

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For sailors who achieve this esteemed coordinatry, there is also a tradition of getting a tattoo of a sea turtle. Methinks I will not be doing that part on account of my disdain for needles and permanent decisions.

So, what happens when you arrive at the spot where the world begins and ends? Where both longitude and latitude are equal to zero? What will I find there? I expect one of the following:

1)    Time will stand still.

2)    There will be a giant vortex.

3)    Our satellite will miraculously pick up Shark Week

4)    The blue dot on my iPhone map will explode

5)    I’ll find a treasure chest full of all the sunglasses that I’ve ever lost at the beach.

6)    y will not equal mx+b

7)    Fireworks

8)    I’ll discover Gilligan’s Island – and on it I’ll run into Amelia Earhart chillin’ with Edward Snowden.

9)    I’ll witness something out of The Odyssey

10)  I’ll find the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815.*

11)  I’ll see a Narwhal

12)  Zero gravity

13)  Atlantis!

14)  My sense of direction will re-calibrate and I’ll never get lost ever again.

 *most importantly, Matthew Fox.

The possibilities are endless! Do you think this can go on my resume? My fingers are crossed for numbers 3, 8 and 14. At the very least, I could throw some vampires on that list and have a rough outline for a blockbuster sci-fi/fantasy trilogy. 

Stay tuned. 

(p.s. And one more really important thing – if you are in the USA, Mercy Ships will be on 60 Minutes tonight (Sunday)! Tune into CBS.)


14 responses

  1. Awesome! Watching 60 minutes now. Expecting to see you. ;). When you pass over the end of the earth, I think you should jump into the air; maybe you will fly?!?!?


  2. This was so great! You are so talented, friend! I hope that you don’t mind that I shared this post with my supporters as well!


    • thank you miss tori! of course, you are always welcome to share. see you tomorrow for day 12 in the middle of nowhere – let’s have coffee. xx


      • They’ve over done the great white shark. But I did learn some new fun facts. Like the great white can regulate its body temp 18° higher than the water it’s in. And since the seal population is higher now in cape cod so there are great whites in Massachusetts. Ironic since that’s where Jaws is set.


  3. CCM,
    Great hearing that you are back on the Mercy. I enjoy your posts and journey. Hope to see you next time you are back in Houston. Safe travels. Mary R


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