an interview with Levo League

Levo League is a supercool online career resource for women that recently asked me to tell them about my decision to leave my “real job” and go to Africa. It’s not often that I’m the one being interviewed – click on the photo below for the full story about what it is like to volunteer with Mercy Ships, and what it meant for my career.

Thanks, Levo League, for the neat feature!
(And thanks to my friend Ruben Plomp for lending his photography skills while we were in Africa! Now that was an adventurous African “photoshoot“)
Catherine Clarke Murphy; Levo League Interview

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4 responses

  1. Loved this piece on you and your work, and so glad you have a blog I can follow too! Thanks for all the inspiration. Aloha from Honolulu. :) p.s. Where did you get these amazing brown flats? I love how you look so stylish while working!


    • hi erica! sorry I’m only now seeing your comment – thank you! glad you are following along on the adventure. hope all is well in Hawaii! -catherine


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