Stephan Vanfleteren Wins World Press Photo Award

Going to Africa with Mercy Ships means meeting and working alongside some really cool and talented people. People like Stephan Vanfleteren

The Belgian photographer visited the Africa Mercy twice in Conakry to photograph Mercy Ships patients. (You might remember when I shared photographs after his first visit…) Well, Stephan received the World Press Photo Award for 1st Place in the Staged Portraits category at a gala in Holland last month. Amazing!

MS Photos w harpist 2_bvd

Vanfleteren Stage Presentation_bvd

Stephan’s photos are now on tour, visit to see if the World Press Photo Exhibition is coming to your city! (Note: no, it’s not coming to Texas. Sad.)

Exhibition OudeKerk NL 042013_arjen (3)

Today’s photos courtesy Bert van Dijk, Mercy Ships Belgium.


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