Mercy Ships on 60 Minutes this Sunday on CBS!

Set your Tivos, ladies and gents, there is some quality TV coming your way: 


Nope, you will not see me on this segment, it was filmed in Togo about 2 months before I arrived. However I’m sure you will see my friends like Ali Chandra, Dr. Gary Parker and his family, Captain Tim, and some other pretty great people who I work with every day. 

Everyone on board is excited about this…in fact CBS producers have agreed to send a copy to the ship after it has aired and so it will arrive here in a few weeks (things take a long time to get here, FYI). In the meantime, let me know what you think!

More coverage of Mercy Ships means more awareness, more support, more fundraising and more donations to make a difference – to reach more people in Africa and touch even more lives. 

So tune in Sunday (tell your friends and family, too) and you’ll get to see where I live, the hospital, and what we are up to over here.

I’m off to finish packing for SA. Cheerio!


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