It Takes Two

Well I think I owe everyone an apology, because I’ve been keeping the charming Doublemint Twins all to myself without so much as a brief update for their admirers around the globe, je suis desolée. 

As you know, the twins have had bowed legs, here is a before photo:

Since their surgery two weeks ago, Alasanne and Alseny are doing tremendously. Each one is enjoying all of the sweet attention that comes with being one-half of a fiercely cute set of twins.

  When the Doublemints first arrived onboard, my presh little princes were rather standoffish and…well, unsociable. But you wouldn’t be too thrilled either if you were plopped in a weird boat hospital to have intense corrective-leg surgery. 

And so it was that the Doublemints adopted somewhat loathsome facial expressions when they first arrived onboard  the Africa Mercy.

 Ok, so maybe they were really loathsome expressions…

(This photo makes me laugh so hard.)

To the twins’ dismay, their furrowed eyebrows and piercing eyes didn’t make them look any less darling. Rather than sending a message of ‘stay away,’ which is what I’m assuming they were going for, suddenly ‘make the twins smile’ was high on everyone’s to-do list. (Namely mine.)

“They are cute, but in an ‘angry bulldog puppy’ sort of way,” we all would agree.

 Peek-a-boo, charades, goofy songs, chicken dancing – I made a fool of myself for these two; I think I’m ready for my mime diploma. Remember the woman next to the Santa photographer? The one who bopped around with her ploys and puppet stunts trying to get you to smile? Remember how painfully unfunny she was? Yeah.

But, as our little patients always do, the boys finally came around as the last shred of my dignity faded. Of course now they don’t stop giggling and playing games and being delightful. I even have a secret handshake with Alseny. (Or is it with Alasanne?)

 At the end of last week was the first Doublemint cast change. Prior to this, their different-colored casts made for quick identification. Now, all four legs are baby blue. Then the next day they both had haircuts and changed into matching yellow hospital gowns.

I have since given up altogether on trying to tell them apart. I believe that Grandma (their caregiver who is staying here with them) gave up trying to tell her grandsons apart a long time ago. I know this because when we ask her who’s who, she shrugs. Then we ask the boys who’s who and they shrug and just point at each other and laugh the cutest laugh.

 But that’s the thing about twins, they’re always up to something and you’re always outnumbered.

 But what can you do?

After all, they were too adorable to ever be upset with in the first place. 

Am I right?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I hope your holiday is filled with love.


All photos from today’s post courtesy Mercy Ships photographers Debra Bell, Michelle Murrey and Bright Effowe.



6 responses

  1. I can see they are real little characters! Thanks for sharing this story, it’s wonderfully uplifting. This ship you are on is incredible, such a blessing for thousands I imagine, such a help in what is usually a helpless situation.


  2. Thanks for the update. Loved talking with you yesterday…missed you being with us but you were there in spirit and that was GGGrreat! You sounded wonderful and I know you are truly having the time of a lifetime! Take care. Much love,


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