The One With All of the Photography

When I started this site, I knew that photographs would be an important part of sharing stories with you guys. What I didn’t expect was that I would enjoy photography just as much as I enjoy writing.

Below are some photographs from my life here (assuming my painfully slow internet connection gets a move on). They are in no particular order and require little to no brainpower – it is still Monday, after all. So get a cup of coffee, put on some quality tunes and take a gander. Oh, and you are welcome to comment (I love it when you comment.) Bonus points if you get the faint reference in the title of this post.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for your constant love and encouragement. Dropping everything and moving to Africa could have been quite the hurdle – but not with friends and family as great as you fine folks. In fact…I think I’ll be staying here a bit longer than planned. But more on that later.

One way or another, I will never really leave this place. Africa will always keep a little part of me.



11 responses

  1. either you’re an INCREDIBLY talented photographer or Guinea makes it look easy ;) how luck you are to discover a new talent, the photos are truly incredible murph!

    ps my favorite photo is “the one” with the young african boy starring into the lens in black and white



  2. The photos are wonderful. You are doing an amazing job of capturing the emotion in each of those children’s eyes. I wonder if they know who truly beautiful they are? Hugs blessing to you Catherine.


  3. Hi khaki. Just a note to let you know how much I,m enjoying all your stories and photos. I really look forward to reading them. Glad things are going well for you. Take care. I miss you much love,sa

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Love love love the pic of the young boy in front of the orange-ish French doors with the taller boy in the doorway. You are a good photog!!!


  5. Khaki, the images are incredible…every one. My favorite is the guys by the fire and the cerulean sky. However, the last one of the adorable little girl is pretty amazing also, it’s hard to pick. Love you, Dad


  6. Can’t wait to see all the photos – what an incredible way to bring Africa back home with you! LOVE them all (but seriously, i can’t even narrow it down to favorites) … And I have the perfect spot on my wall for a framed copy…possibly signed by the photographer herself? :) love and miss you much


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