On the Double

 Ever observed an ortho surgery? Let me tell ya, it’s a doozy. Kind of like the board game ‘Operation’ but with instruments from your dad’s tool kit. Medicine meets carpentry, you could say.

Don’t worry, these photos are breakfast-friendly and are just of the casts being put on:

Anywhooo I just dropped in to tell you that the back-to-back Doublemint surgeries by Doctor Frank went swimmingly! No more bowed legs over here, thankyouverymuch!

I feel like a proud father running around in my scrubs all excited-like shouting “TWINS!” If only I had some baby blue bubblegum cigars to pass out. Or perhaps some champagne?

Alrighty. I’m going to go change out of my comfy scrubs now, even though I don’t want to.



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    • tell me about it…ooooph. I also saw an eye surgery last week! Grody. I’m really testing my limits, it’s only a matter of time before I faint in an OR somewhere.


  1. Catherine – I love reading your posts and hearing about your experiences! – a long way from 3rd grade way back when… I am so proud of you! Keep the updates coming – prayers in action!


    • hi mrs. pickett! thanks for you prayers and support! Not many people can say that they have kept up with their 3rd grade teacher, I’m so thankful that I have! :-) sending you and your cute family a big hug. xx


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