Good News!

Thierno Update

I am excited to report that your prayers have worked – Thierno has been in surgery for 7 hours, the tumor has been completely removed, he is stable, and his surgeons, Dr. Gary and Dr. Rowland, are now in the reconstructive phase! His tumor weighed nearly 4 pounds…just incredible.

Furthermore – it has not spread – it is BENIGN! In my last post I wrote that it was cancerous, but fortunately it’s NOT!! A total miracle.

The surgery continues to go well but is expected to last a few more hours and Thierno will spend the next few days in ICU. So keep the prayers coming for Thierno and his surgeons. 

The Doublemint Twins

Also, The Doublemint Twins arrive tomorrow. So please be advised that I will be using (abusing) this blog and perhaps other forms of social media to inundate you all with photos of the two cutest boys I ever did see.


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  1. I am so grateful for answered prayer, thank you, Lord!!! I will continue to pray and lift he and his mother both up. God did not answer my prayers yesterday as I had wanted, but He is still in control and always knows best, I continue to claim that. God Bless!!!


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