the sun will come out…day after never

Things are busy around here on the Africa Mercy and I haven’t had time to share any stories this week. In true Monsoon Season fashion, it is pouring outside as I write this. I half expect the animals to start lining up two by two…but here is a little overview of this past week, which was great (in spite of the weather)!

Aren’t you impressed my phone is in French to help me learn? Ya, autocorrect is a real joy these days.

Tuesday I stood in and watched a surgery – the tumor removal of a 6-year-old little boy named Alya. He is cute as can be, and recovering well! He was discharged from the hospital Friday. Watching a surgery was so cool, and maybe a little gross. I won’t go into detail since some of you might be enjoying your Sunday morning Cheerios or something.

Also, scrubs rock.

Thursday we went out to an off-site eye screening in Symphonia, about 45 minutes drive from the port. Our team left the ship at 4 a.m. during a lightening storm and had a few hiccups along the way…like taking a wrong turn and crossing an unmarked “security barrier” in front of the Presidential Palace. We were then stopped by the presidential police who were, um, not pleased. Je suis desolee? But all’s well that ends well, and by no small miracle they let the 5 of us go.

We finally made it as the sun came up (behind some rain clouds) and saw the line was over 150 people long already.

And today, I have been doing thrilling things like laundry, sewing buttons on a shirt (help.) and writing this post while missing Cricket. Until now I’ve resisted blogging about how cute she is 8 days a week, but that’s about to change – because who doesn’t want to see more photos of this adorable face?!

Sigh. She can cheer me up on even on sad, rainy, days. We all have them – like the day before I left for Africa when some friends and I downloaded the “aLike” app…um, that day was especially upsetting:


But Cricket came to the rescue, as always. Patting my back and telling me I don’t really look like that guy from Lord of the Rings.

Which is why I really miss her.

But I wouldn’t trade this adventure I’m on for anything, because I look outside at the sunset, and the clouds part,

and I know I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

Adios amigos, hope your week is as sunny as mine, even if it’s raining. ;-)


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  1. hahaha I’m dying a little about that app.

    And iPhone fact – you can go to settings and enable international keyboards. Then, you just hit the world on the keyboard to switch. It’s been a lifesaver for me in Germany!


  2. Catherine, She is a little white cutie pie.

    When you spoke about the presidential palace guards I recalled being in Israel on a tour bus of 45 people. Staying in Jeruselum. We drive to dinner in the bus leaving the Jewish zone and passing into the Palestinian zone to Bethany (about 20 minutes if a straight shot). We drive out of Jeruselum around the “bottom” of the WALL for about 45 minutes. We have a lovely dinner.

    At about 10:00 we have driven back and stop at the check point to re-enter Jeruselum. The two female guards (guard average ages were between 18 and 25) with the AK 47s were Not Pleased that not everyone on the bus took their passport with them to dinner. The discussion with our pastor, the driver, and the local guide had been going on about 20 minutes and the tone of discussion was on the rise. Finally the young uniformed Israeli military man (maybe age 26) with a very large 45 in holster on his waist, who had been sent to join our bus when we first came to Israel days before, went forward and instructed the guards to speak with him in the check point office. In less then 10 minutes he re-entered the bus alone, and we were waived through. I believe we would have been “detained” if not for the young man.

    The photograph of the sky is fabulous. Have you read the book by the female pilot who also lived in Africa and fell in love with Africa? Friend to the woman who lived the story of “Out of Africa.” I will send her name and name of book to you. You might enjoy it.

    From: My Life Aquatic Reply-To: My Life Aquatic Date: Sunday, September 23, 2012 2:31 PM To: Carla Danbury Ballard Subject: [New post] the sun will come outday after never CM posted: “Things are busy around here on the Africa Mercy and I haven’t had time to share any stories this week. In true Monsoon Season fashion, it is pouring outside as I write this. I half expect the animals to start lining up two by two…but here is a little ov”


  3. You must know that Cricket will be spoiled rotten next week because I can love on her and think of you !! Kiss Kiss m’darling across the miles to you….You tell us all the story of Mercy Ship so well . It is a story of love ,mercy and changing lives forever , including yours. I am very proud of you, but that is nothing new!!!

    p.s. I am taking good care of all your beautiful things . I never forget a promise.


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