Life in Technicolor: A Walk Through Conakry’s Medina Market

I went to Medina Market on Saturday with some friends and a local guide, Kallo. The colors of the market were a vibrant pop at every turn, in stark contrast to the muddy streets and cloudy day. We’ve been having many overcast days here in Conakry with it being monsoon season and all. I won’t complain though, because at least it is not hurricane season.

Note: Interestingly enough, hurricanes that hit the Gulf Coast have origins in the West Coast of Africa. The earliest stages of a hurricane can begin when enormous amounts of low pressure pass over the Sahel and into the tropical waters of the Gulf of Guinea, traveling thousands of miles over the Atlantic and strengthening to a tropical storm then so on and so forth. Even the category strength is related to how much rainfall West Africa had in the rainy season the year prior. I read that Hurricane Katrina began off the shores of West Africa. And before you hold me to these not-very-scientific explanations, I’d like to confess that I’m not a meteorologist, so this report is of the Google search results variety. But still, interesting stuff, right?

Ok, enough with the weather – the colors of Medina were great. =)
Here are some photos:

The market was wonderful. I did learn quickly though that once you snap one kid’s photo, suddenly children materialize out of every stall and want their picture taken too. And being as cute as they are, it is impossible to say no. Then they want to see their photo on the digital screen, and then they giggle.

We spent most of our time in the fabric stalls – the women who sold me fabric were so sweet and very well dressed. I quite admired their fashion tastes and loaded up on some fabric myself for the equivalent of just a few US dollars. Anyone know of a good tailor in Conakry?

eeny, meeny, miney, mo

But my favorite thing to see would have to be….the babies:

Lefty looks like his mom takes him shopping too often.

be still my heart. so cute!

I did find myself wondering if anyone has ever visited America, seen a kid on a leash at the Houston Galleria and thought “how precious! Can’t wait to put that on my blog.
My guess would be, no.

Just sayin’

and last, but not least:

keep Conakry weird.

with love,



7 responses

  1. Catherine,

    Love this post, especally all the color. The kids are too precious! I know your dad misses you terribly and is always happy to see your post!


  2. Question : are your blog posts restricted as to number of words? Wondered if they asked you to take applications of those who could speak English and was interested in the stories you heard.

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Cathrine, What an adventure you are taking your Grandmother on. I must confess, i love that black and white cats look the same, children wear croc shoes and babies are beautiful all over the world. I want you to have some “sameness” in a place so different from your home. I love you, miss you, and say a special prayer for you everyday m’darling. I am so proud of you. You really will make a real difference in someones life every day you are there.


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