Ship Shape: Sailing to Africa

We sail TOMORROW! 

If you take a walk about the ship, everything that could possibly be mobile is strapped to some permanent structure. Potted plants are roped to stair banisters, computers are velcro-d to desks, chairs are seran-wrapped together. It is kind of like living inside a moving van. There will be no trajectories here, no sir.

After lunch I took a walk down the dock for some fresh air and to enjoy the feeling of land beneath my feet for one last time.

 Lots of movin and groovin is happening all around. The pharmacy on board is also kindly passing out motion-sickness meds in case you don’t have your sea legs yet. I should probably save a few for my lucky passengers when I’m operating the stick-shift Land Cruiser in Conakry.

School started yesterday. The Academy has more than 50 students this year. Having so many kids on board makes the Africa Mercy seem quite home-y.  However I think tears may ensue when some poor kid returns soon to find that his unattended tricycle has been duct-taped to the railing in Bristol fashion.

A few of my fellow AFM crew members!

And as always, I leave you with my favorite pic from sunset night before last. One thing I will not be short on during this sail is sunsets. We were also told to expect to see a lot of dolphins that swim along with the ship (!) so I promise to inundate all social media outlets as soon as this happens with photos of Flipper…@ClarkeMurphy if you’re on Insta or Twitter.

Six days at sea…stay tuned for lots of stories. Conakry, we’re coming!

Please keep the Africa Mercy in your thoughts and prayers over the next week. Most of you are probably still asleep…but have a wonderful Wednesday! 


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  1. Kak, loving all your messages. You look fantastic ,as usual,. Take goo care of yourself and have a great time . Miss you. Love, sas

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