Ten things from Tenerife

1) After delayed flights, and missed connections, and lost bags, and sitting in gum, then found bags, and all of the joys the come with traveling to far away places, I made it!

2) The AFM is currently in Tenerife! Not a bad place to be docked, don’t you agree?

3) Even though Tenerife is in Spain, it is not part of the EU. The political explanation of this was lost in translation. Or maybe I am misunderstanding completely. Anyways.

4) When I’m not busy with orientations and training, I’ve had some down-time the past few days and have enjoyed seeing the island, including the black sand beaches.

5) Perhaps most importantly for myself and fellow crew members, Tenerife has an IKEA. This means the ship is probably full of people assembling various things as I write.

6) Speaking of Ikea, here is my cozy bunk:

just like freshman year. but smaller.

7) Tenerife has the 3rd largest volcano in the world, which I will attempt to “climb” on Saturday. Um.

8) They also have the tallest water slide in the world here, which I will not attempt to climb.

9) There will be more than 10 bullet points in this post, “Ten Things from Tenerife” was just catchy

10) Next week we sail to WEST AFRICA:

11) That is probably not the exact route we will take.

12) Monday we went to the zoo because, well, why not?

mmmm. lice.

13) For those of you who do not follow my mom on Instagram, you missed this:

14) Uhhhhdorable.

15) In case this post has left you thinking that we are on the Good Ship Lollipop,
be-bopping around and speaking Spanglish on vay-cay. Just know that in reality we are working hard every day, counting down until the sail. 

16) But not too hard.


2 responses

  1. I am obsessed with the picture of Cricket, she looks so friggin cute! I know she misses you! Your adventure already sounds fantastic and jam packed with all sorts of things, dolphins, monkeys, volcanoes–I can’t believe an IKEA too?! Your bunk is adorable, of course, just like pbp. Keep up the posts- I love hearing about your life across the pond.



  2. LOVE this. Just like OUR freshman dorm, but smaller. Thankful to have shared that tiny space with the one and only. Praying for your adventures roomz! XO


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