I see Paris, I see France

Greetings from L’Ile-de-France! When I booked my flight to Tenerife, I happily found myself with a 24-hour layover in the City of Light. Rather than dining duty-free for a night and sleeping slumped over an armrest in the airport, I thought I should drop in on my favorite ex-pat Parisians.

A few years ago my aunt and uncle and their 2 little girls moved to Pareeee for my uncle’s job. Sad as I was to see them leave Texas, I actually wasn’t sad at all. And wonderful niece that I am, I have made myself available to visit them at every opportunity since their re-location. I know: I’m so nice.

Anyhow, today I took a solo walk about town with my camera to keep myself from succumbing to jet lag. An hour stroll turned into a 3-hour photo safari. The great thing about Paris is that you can’t walk 10 meters without tripping over some monument that’s old as Adam, but Lord knows I don’t need another picture of the Champs Elysees or le Tour Eiffel taking up space on my hard drive.

I was desperate to find something new to photograph: so how about photographs of other people photographing Paris?

This turned out to be incredibly fun, people are silly.

Enjoy :-)

Now I’m off to re-pack my bags and get ready for the next flight…I’m sure I’ll have more photos to share from Tenerife.

I leave you with my favorite photo (not of tourists this time) from today.


Ice Cream and Carousels on the way to Trocadero


5 responses

  1. How clever of you to come up with the idea to shoot your shots of tourist taking pictures! I too love the Carousel pic. All the best, Ann


  2. On my last tour de Europe with Seliger and gang, we joked that the next hit Tumblr could be Asians in Europe with photos of Asian tourists doing their thing and every big monument across the continent. Your photos have me reconvinced.


    • haha that’s not a bad idea at all! Everyone was so focused on getting their shot right that they didn’t notice the American girl 3 feet away who was creepily photographing them. hehe! Between you, me and Seliger we are strategically placed to contribute to such a Tumblr from various world capitals…just sayin.


      • When Mott, T-lew and I were traveling Europe, we began a collection of photos of Asian tourists, I would be happy to add my pictures to the collection.


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