The Name Game

Hi friends,

I think I owe a brief explanation behind the name Clarke.

As you know, my name is Catherine. Also for those of you who know me, I daydream about writing professionally. Under the advice of a mentor in the publishing industry far wiser than I, it is a good thing to establish myself early on as a “writer” with the title I will use in my “career.” (Please note all of the quotations.) Thus, Clarke, my middle name, is going on a test drive here on this site.

Indeed, I flatter myself with a pseudonym. But this is a blog and I can pretend. In the meantime, please play along and don’t reveal my true identity to my crazed teenage fan base. Or the citizens of Gotham. 

In person, I’m still Catherine or “C” or Khaki or one of the other 957 creative nicknames you’ve come up with.

One day in print, perhaps I will be Clarke Murphy. 


Reality: Catherine
Bookshelf: Clarke


I think you’ve got it! 

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