Hello, Africa!

Welcome! Yesterday I celebrated a birthday and now, as the first order of business in my 24th year, I’m becoming a “blogger.”

I’m feeling quite grown up and excited by this new project. Also intimidated, like you’re all staring at me while I’m giving a speech. But the reality is that “you” are only one reader right now (hey mom!) so I think I have some time to get used to this.

I’m going to use this blog as a place to share stories and photos during an upcoming long-term stay in Africa.

In about 4 weeks, I will arrive on the Africa Mercy to work for a charity called Mercy Ships. This giant ship is a floating hospital that delivers free medical aid to the West Coast of Africa (Guinea). I am going to be a Writer there, interviewing patients and telling their stories for the organization’s marketing team and website. You can learn more about this in detail using the sections on the home page.

“I want to quit my job and go to West Africa and live on a boat.” #thingsnobodysays

I’m sharing my experience on this blog because I don’t want this adventure to stop with me, and because I will be needing your prayers, love and feedback :-) I intend to post updates as often as I can.

Stay tuned!



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